Andrew Stronge is a commercial artist and graphic illustrator based in Charlottesville, VA, with over 10 years of experience in the screen printing industry. Though not all of his work is screen printed, the stylistic nature of production has heavily influenced how he has grown as an artist, keeping his work bold and minimalistic.

As founder of Stronge Designs, a brand that he offers his illustration and graphic design services under, Andrew has serviced design needs from logos to children’s book illustrations. When he is not working with a client he is on the road promoting his own creations at artisan craft shows, comic cons, and galleries.

While most of his education comes from hands on experience, he did acquire a degree in web design and programming that led to a position creating websites for University of Virginia faculty.  His time spent designing websites led him to realize that he enjoyed the design much more than the coding, so he worked evenings and weekends, teaching himself the skills necessary to be a graphic designer.  Eventually, he was managing shop operations as head designer for Crazy Horse Studio, while serving a brief stint as a graphic designer at the C-ville Weekly, both positions where he could grow his illustration and design skills.  

Andrew went full-time with Stronge Designs in June of 2016, and strives to deliver designs that are bold, clean, and easily reproducible given his familiarity with the production process.  His own illustrations explore a variety of interests, from robots and machinery to monsters, animals, music, and pop culture.